Young Alumni & Fundraising - Reaching a New Generation

Date: January 30th, 2018

Time: 11am PST time / 2pm EST time / 7pm GMT

Duration: 25 minutes plus Q&A



During this webinar, we dove into current trends and consumer research to reveal the evolving digital behavior of young alumni. One thing is clear - young alumni are not reading emails. Reaching them via email blasts, phonathons & social media posts is no longer enough; getting them to respond and take action is more crucial than ever. More and more, they are messaging their friends and family (and even brands!) on apps like Facebook Messenger. 

We explored exciting opportunities that this trend opens up for universities to immediately reach their alumni with an 80% open rate, and more!

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  • Key trends in digital communication and user behavior, like the rise of messaging apps
  • Scalable strategies for reaching young alumni in their preferred environment
  • Case studies where universities are already reaching their alumni on Messenger

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Hi. I'm Paul Mylott. Nice to meet you.

Paul Mylott

Advancement Professional
Hi. I'm Annika. Nice to meet you.

Annika Jensen

Director of Social Media
Hi. I'm Raimonds. Nice to meet you.

Raimonds Kulbergs

Founder of Funderful